We all float down here!!

I cant say I haven’t been busy these last few days. I have been swimming, running, cycling, working, reccying and setting a Hash run, attended a little persons first birthday party (Happy beeday just gone Annika), I have been writing and handling my wifes music stuff too, so I have not had oodles of time spare, there again, if I did, I would just fit something else in there.
At some points you wonder how it all fits together, where does the time come from and how do you prioritise the things you want to do. Training as a wannabe triathlete (amateur of course), I need to work about 10 to 11 hours per day, sleep 7, 8, 9 or goodness.. even 10 hours some days. I spend 1 to 1.5 hours per day driving to and from work and then weekends are half days on Saturday and off on Sundays (praise be..!!), so I get some time to add in extra training, but of course there are other things to consider like, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning the apartment, seeing family, I mean my wife and I love to get outdoors so we don’t see a cycle ride as training, we see it as fun, but….. we still have to responsibly fit in the day to day stuff.
I gotta say, triathlon is one thing… Ironman is a totally different level.
I don’t worry about podiums or prizes, sure the chance to stand on the podium would be amazing and to win a cash prize would be great, it would pay back my race fee perhaps and that’s no too shabby is it? Getting ready for Ironman after starting triathlon only 1 year and about 3 months ago is quite a learning curve and a big, big committment from the perspective of time and what you are going to do with your body, or perhaps I should say, what you are going to put your body through, as in the beginning it seems like a trial by ordeal.
Anyway, we are still in the flapping around stages of the first part of the triathlon, the swim, that part where you join in a human washing machine on a lake or in the sea, with kicking, thrashing and sometimes even puking being the order of the day.
You can train for that, you can train for all of it, it just needs a bit of time and effort, some patience and a friend who can swim.
Believe it or not I have been in the sea pushing and shoving my wife around, so she could get used to the feeling, so that it wouldn’t be a shock on the day of her first sprint triathlon.
The main, most important thing for me is knowing I can float if I need to rest or get into an emergency situation, such as being winded by a kick or goggles being kicked off or hair getting messed up or my lipstick getting smudged… (er just kidding)..
So what to do? I float on my back and relax, the world is quite a lovely place when you are floating on you back in the sea, looking at the sky and undulating up and down with the waves. The important thing I taught my wife was to have a safe place to go, in all events, when you are on the water and something is wrong, get on your back, fill your lungs with air, calm right down and relax.
Try breathing and signalling on your front, you can’t. Treading water is a great skill, but it is tiring after a while, floating just relies on the natural act of breathing, and the more relaxed you are, the better you can handle floating. Once this is part of your “swim tools”, you can handle water, even fairly choppy water as you won’t feel the need to fight the water and then you can really concentrate on the swimming.
I spent the weekend doing a nice swim in the pool at the condo, 3.2kms in 1 hour and 2 minutes, then we did a very brief cycle to test out my bike fitting, which I had done at Cycle Studio an Taman Tun, Kuala Lumpur with a lot of sticky things, some sensors and a video camera, that gives very precise readings of body movements and measurements.

The bike fit was great, much more comfortable, which is the benefit of spending that little bit of time and money, now I can train and go for rides without the worry of excessive bum and neck aches…


This is an older post I had kept as a draft to be completed quickly, however… Ironman training and working 60 hours per week, really drain the time, so I hadn’t been back to this post for a while, I’ll be better in the future…

Rule 4……..

Do not procrastinate


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