A touch of advice

So, I rejoin you with another few months of life experience under my belt, the benefit of which has been derived from the turmoil of the last few months. From my bosses deciding to close the company I have worked as general manager of for 15 years, to the abysmal remuneration I received, to trying to find a part time job, training for Ironman again, managing my wifes music career, moving out of my company apartment, moving temporarily into my inlaws, giving away half of my stuff to charity, throwing half away, selling a third and trying to fit the other half into my inlaws place…. no.. wait a minute, something doesn’t add up there.. anyway, as you can imagine, it’s been hilarious, a rollercoaster of laughs, smiles and fond memories, from which I will draw endless anecdotes for my grandkids and other old farts at parties… NOT!!

I am going however, to draw on the greatness that comes from all crappy situations.. experience.

Well, for a start, there’s not much else to take from all the goings on, it’s not easy trying to derive pleasure from losing a full time time job and salary and I am truly lucky I had a place to stay, otherwise I would be out on the street. I earned to cut down on my necessities and try to use what I have wisely.

In Asia, the biggest loss in this case would be face… I however, do not care what people think of me when I am down, in fact I don’t really care what people think of me full stop… I am not being cocky, I just mean that I don’t allow peoples negativity to get me down, I have enough to deal with, without the “views” or “opinions” of those grey people that see everything as their personal shame.

What’s great is I am free from a job I hated, or rather a company I hated. I was never shown respect, never given help, the staff I was given (in the land of nepotism), were rude, obnoxious and at times violent, so I am free.. so.. should you feel ashamed at losing the job, or proud you are no longer a pit pony?

The struggle to get up and running again after after you have been hit by a steam train is either something you are gonna cry about, or something you are going to face. If you were being chased by a tiger in the jungle and you fell and hurt yourself, I bet you would pick yourself up 10 times faster and with less complaining than if you just fell on the football field, so what’s the difference? Well, life is the tiger and and you either get up and carry on running or stop, complain and die…

As I had invested heavily in our home business, I had to face the idea that, I must get back up and running damn fast. Wondering what to do and how to explain to your friends or family, should be the least of your worries, if anyone makes you feelbad and doesn’t support you, they are not worth your time and you should not feel belittled in their presence. So, I just told the truth, put out the message that I need a job pretty fast and started trying to get my wife a better support crew as an artist. This meant also, looking at not being the manager…. which at first once again felt like losing a job, when in actual fact, it was simply finding a new perspective and direction in the strategy of her career.

I still write a column for a national newpaper, so I have a simple responsibility to uphold every month, that is a joy, because I enjoy talking, writing, putting my ideas down and letting you listen to my waffling.

During all that, I became an Ironman, did another 70.3 for charity against a relay team… which (ahem) I beat.. and I bettered my time from last year by 20 minutes.. now, it’s not quite the 40 ¬†minutes I wanted, but I can’t complain too much, I’m quite happy to be better than I was. It’s just a matter of applying yourself fully to whatever you do and tying to enjoy the results. The glass is always half full and when it’s empty it’s an opportunity to fill it again. Even after several months of winding the company down, not having very much money and trying to get the best from myself in sports and for my wife in her career, I wake each morning happy that there is another day and another chance to reach glory or to screw up majestically, but whatever you do, it’s another day of life, another day to be alive, to relish it and wallow in it’s ups and downs.

I am still putting out feelers, trying to find a full time, decent paying job, whilst doing lots of other things and pushing through the crowds of grey people all frowning and making out as if I’m somehow deficient, when in fact, I am a shiny example of the middle finger in the air. I care about a career and my life and my wife, very much, but I am not subject to the opinions of those that would drag me back or try to dent my shiny, happy exterior.

So, here is the simple advice.. the phrase “Don’t let the bastards get you down” may be applied if you wish…. however, slightly more eloquently (I hope).

When something goes wrong, you lose a job, get divorced, split up with a partner, lose money in investments, buy a crap house, buy a second hand car (or even a new one) which is just a total pain in the butt and you feel “embarrased”.. ask yoursef.. why do I feel this way? If the eyes did not see your error, or more importantly, if the owners of those eyes,were not judging or criticizing, would you feel anywhere near as bad? Could you pick yourself up faster and better if you disposed of the necessity to be made to feel bad?

Rule 11…

Do not let the bastards get you down … if you fall… get up and get running again, don’t stop to see who watching you,it will not help you to go any faster, in fact, it will slow you down… pick yourself up, get going and fight back…


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