I had thought I had created “something new”. Sadly the internet takes less than a second to educate me with 141,000 results that prove otherwise, but as there is no rule book of life apparently, I can make up my own meaning, so there!!

I am currently writing several books, some true stories and some works of fiction. In one work of fiction, the main character, stands on the outer walkway at the top of the lighthouse he takes care of and he stares out at the sea. He wonders if anyone is afflicted like he is and if so, what do they feel like, how do they deal with it? (I will say no more as I don’t want to ruin the plot). As a seagull enters his field of vision, he suddenly decides to try an experiment and steps two feet to the left. then he looks straight out at the sea again. He notices that he cannot see exactly the same things that he had previously unless he turns his head slightly to the right.

Then he tries to imagine two men side by side,  staring directly forwards at a wall with a painting on it, just about 10 feet away and realises that they cannot possibly see the same thing and even more stirring, the fact that they may both have different perceptions of the same image.

If he stands very far away he can see everything but with little detail, if he stands closely he can see details but not the whole picture. even if two people stare at exactly the same thing with exactly the same field of vision, they will be looking from different perspectives or angles, therefore as no two people can or do occupy the same space and physical being in time, they cannot see the same things, therefore they can only have a perspective of another persons view. Further to this, their personal interpretation will be the next point of processing, then their ability to relate back their observations and perceptions will be the next stage, followed by the perception of the listener, their processing and finally the image they will mentally project of that original image.

I see — I process — I explain — you hear — you process — you recreate the image.

That’s a lot to go wrong. Not surprising we find it easy to group people together and label them, otherwise we would live in a world of 7.4 billion individuals, with as many perspectives and that would be chaos…. right?

If you have seen Monty Pythons’ “The life of Brian”, you might remember when Brian explains to the crowd that they are all individuals and one chap calls out “I’m not” the crowd remaining quiet as if in agreement. We are all different, we all occupy a different point in space and therefore time and therefore we are subject to my perspective of perspectivism

I can never truly understand you, nor you I unless you can be me or I you. This is unfortunate as most people need a social identity, a tribal tag, a religious belonging, a sexual classification, a wealth perspective, an educational “level”, a wife and two kids and a dog with a “unique” name, that “means something”, it’s a way of forging an identity along with the mass, even though we think we are individuals, we are part of mankinds corporate identities, to be truly individual would be a very lonely place.

Inside our consciousness, we are individual, unless someone can see, hear, feel, smell and taste precisely what you are doing right now, now that would really be some trick wouldn’t it.

A new rule for the rulebook based upon my theory of perspectivism would be as follows…

Stop “trying” to be individual, you already are. No one can live your life, only you. You are every second of every day on a completely individual journey.





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